Tuesday, January 17, 2017

President Trump and Obama -- a Tale of Two Palms

Donald Trump worked hard in the 1970s and 1980s taking his family's real estate business from Coney Island to Manhattan. His renovation of the Commodore Hotel from a Triple-X dive into the Grand Hyatt Regency ignited a revival of Manhattan that has not quit.

Kerry and Amanpour show why Trump won

Most Americans don't follow politics, but most do know that Islamic refugees overran Europe.

Never Trumpers demand he hire them

Throughout 2016, Never Trumpers paraded their principles as they refused to support the one person who could stop Hillary.

In 2017, these virtue signalers are surprised that President Trump won't hire them.

Trump shames companies, and it works

How painful it must be this morning to members of the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal to read in their own paper:
General Motors Plans at Least $1 Billion in Fresh U.S. Investment
The newspaper has denounced President Trump's efforts to increase manufacturing jobs in America.

Monday, January 16, 2017

The 70th Amazon review of "Trump the Press"

James A. Dolan gave his review of "Trump the Press," which I repost here:
A "Making of the President" for 2016
Don Surber is that rare apparition like a unicorn or an elf in that he is an honest journalist. He knows the game and he exposed the fault lines in the media in the run up to the election of President Donald Trump. The main stream media are without exception liars. Don Surber is a truth teller. Read this book if you want to know the facts instead of the lies that the lap dog press tries to peddle as they toss out boob bait for the bubbas that they despise while they sip a latte in their flannel footie pajamas. (How is that for a run on sentence?)
Buy this book if you want to know what is really going on. It is the “Making of a President” for 2016.
Don Surber I salute you!
Thank you. An elfin unicorn, hmm. I like that.

CNN slams Trump for saying "NATO is very important to me."

Two can play this Fake News game, CNN.

"Trump the Press" reviews sums up in two words how he won

This morning I woke up and went through my usual online routine and there on Amazon were two beautiful gifts: two new reviews at Amazon of "Trump the Press."

One was from a longtime reader who stuck with me going back 30 years ago when I was a reporter. The other was from an Instapundit reader.

Trump is Nixon without that Watergate jazz

Christopher Mahoney tweeted on Saturday:
Since when is detente with Russia a bad thing?
I would add, what is so bad about a Two China policy?

How to spot Fake News

Two words should tip a reader that a story about President Trump might be false.

"Sources say."

That's because the press has no sources in President Trump's inner circle.

Unserious anchor wastes Pence's time

Governor Mike Pence, who will become vice president on Friday, gave John Dickerson an interview on Sunday on CBS's "Face the Nation."

Waste the Nation was more like it as Dickerson asked no substantive questions. Not one.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Government-run health care leads to cancer death

Government-run health care does not cause cancer, but it sure as hell does not stop it.

Consider the sad situation in England.

Wile E. Coyote journalist places another order with Acme

I always try to help my fellow man unless he is Hitler, Stalin, or Mao.

Jim Rutenberg, media columnist for the New York Times is as far from that trio as anyone, and so I shall try to lend a hand to him.

Maybe they'd prefer the "Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Story"

  Kaitlyn Tiffany is sad because Mark Wahlberg's movie on the Boston Marathon bombing -- Patriot’s Day -- is told from the perspective of a police officer, not Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Clintons shut down their fake charity. 22 laid off

Ringling Brothers is not the only circus shutting down.

Unable to peddle influence, Hillary and Bill Clinton are shuttering their Clinton Global Initiative effective April 15. This means 22 people will lose their jobs.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

High crime rate is acceptable to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Democratic Congressman John Lewis who locked arms in brotherhood Republican Senator Jeff Session at the 50th anniversary of the March on Selma stabbed Sessions in the back this week.

I was going to let it slide until his hometown newspaper defended him, and Atlanta's high crime rate -- all because the newspaper suffers Trump-phobia.

NPR business editor obsesses with President Trump

Twitter does two things: It helps me promote my writing, and it allows me to figure out the bias of reporters. Not every reporter is a social justice warrior.

Number of people who will lose health care upon repeal is zero

The number of people who will immediately lose their medical insurance upon President Trump signing the Obamacare repeal is zero.

The Democratic Party talking points bleated by Fake News agencies such as Buzz Feed and CNN is 100 percent bogus. Let me show you.

Press mission: save the bureaucracy

A story from John Fritze of the Baltimore Sun shows a new goal in the Press War Against President Trump.
Eyeing the new boss warily, federal workers prepare for deep cuts under Trump
Reporters are going to protect those poor, hard-working, federal bureaucrats from the budget ax of President Trump and his Cabinet -- even as news organizations kick thousands of people off their own payrolls.

Trump's inauguration speech

Friday, January 13, 2017

"Drug testing floated for White House press corps"

(Pardon any typos. Difficult to type and laugh at the same time.)

Just when the DC press corps thought it was safe to go in the scotch-and-water at the bar, along comes President Trump to bite them again.